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If the office of the Governor is notified of the death by TCOLE, the office of the Governor is required to send to the individual's next of kin a certificate that expresses condolences and gratitude on behalf of the Governor and the people of Texas for the individual's service as a Texas Peace Officer.

The bill amends the Occupations Code to require a funeral director, who prepares a deceased peace officer for burial or other disposition to make every effort to advise the next of kin of a person who was a Peace Officer or a former Peace Officer at the time of death is eligible on request to receive a state flag from TCOLE at no cost to the next of kin.


Texas Commission on Law Enforcement
Overview of T.C.O.L.E.
  • The Commission establishes working relationships with the Governor's office, the Funeral Commission, and other entities necessary to carry out its responsibilities estableshed by the statute.
  • The Commission attempts to fly or have flown over the State Capitol all flags prior to presenting them to surviving family members.
  • The request is received by the Commission from the eligible next of kin in the prescribed form or format.
  • The information identifying the deceased's prior service is verified in records of the Commission or, in the absence of any records, by contacting the agency for which the deceased was employed.
  • The Commission determines by available records that the deceased's service was honorable and that nothing in the deceased's prior service that would discredit the law enforcement profession was left unresolved at the time of the deceased's death.
  • The Commission contacts the Governor's office and requests a letter and certificate to be produced.
  • The Commission completes the processing of the request and arranges for delivering of the flag, certificate and letters (the recognition package).



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